Seisen Jogakuin Guide

The Educational Foundation Seisen Jogakuin established our college based on the doctrine and the love of Christianity. We have been educating women in the Nagano area for nearly half a century.
In April 2003, we founded the first four-year college(the Daigaku) in Japan to offer the Faculty of Human Studies, Department of Culture and Psychology. We are a new college where problems relating to the well-being of mankind are studied, in addition to how various cultures coexist.
The Tandai(two-year college) has two departments: Early Childhood Education and International Communication.
Having its beginning as a professional school, the Early Childhood Education Department(ECED) nurtures childcare givers and preschool teachers.
The International Communication Department(ICD) has three courses: English Communication, International Culture, and Business & Information. From its origins as the English Department and International Culture Department, the department has established a reputation of producing graduates who contribute positively to their local community. With our graduates' participation in all facets of society, the education Seisen provides is highly regarded in the region.


Seisen is a Catholic college for women. Its educational ideals are based in Christianity and seek to find what is meaningful and valuable in life according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. The college is committed to developing in women genuine wisdom, love and strength for the needs of the age. Seisen endeavors to nurture women to become responsible, independent and public-minded members of society.

The History of Seisen Jogakuin

The religious congregation of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus founded the Educational Foundation Seisen Jogakuin. Sr. Rafaela Maria was instrumental in founding the congregation. Following her death, the congregation has spread her work throughout the world including North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, and is dedicated to serving needy people and promoting women's education.

April 1966 Establishment of the Seisen Jogakuin Preschool Teacher Training Center
April 1968 Name changed to Seisen Women's Professional School with the approval to issue Preschool Teachers' Licenses and Certifications in Care Giving.
April 1981 Seisen Jogakuin College established with the Early Childhood Education Department and the English Department.
February 1987 First study abroad trip to the American West Coast.
April 1992 Added the International Culture Department
January 1995 Establishment of a sister school relationship with Hanyang Women's College (South Korea)
April 2003 Establishment of Seisen Jogakuin College (four year) with the Faculty of Human Studies, Department of Culture and Psychology. The English Department and International Culture Department in the two year College are combined to form the International Communication Department.